Blackshadow Dales Pony Stud began in 2013 with a single Dales pony mare ( our Prim) whose presence and personality undoubtedly changed our future. Since then, we have been devoted to the Dales pony, and the preservation of this critically endangered native breed. We are a family run affaire, with an emphasis on our Dales ponies being ridden and handled by even the littlest members of our “herd”. 




(Colliery Alick x Akehurst Promise)

DPS Registered Section A Mare

Foaled June 2000 - 15hh

Prim is an absolutely breathtaking mare and our very first Dales pony. What an introduction she was for us to the Dales pony world!  Prim is simply lovely and always a pleasure to be around whether she is in the show ring, out for a hack, or just being a mum. This "great all rounder"  is our foundation mare, and continues to produce fabulous foals, preserving the Dales pony breed for the future. Prim always passes on her sweet temperament to her foals, A breeding for this summer is planned for a 2020 foal, exciting news to come!

Previous Foals: Poedarosa Perfect Starr

Poedarosa Black Magic

Blackshadow Superstition

Blackshadow Syros


(Canadale Understated Perfection xCanadale Prim ‘n’ Proper)

DPS Registered Section A Mare

Foaled June 2006 - 13.3hh

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and this is absolutely the case with Starr who is the daughter of our Prim. We adore this mare! Starr is a total pocket pony and, just like her mum, is happy doing whatever is asked of her. Starr is not quite as tall as Prim, but  by no means is lacking, with huge bone and substance that she passes along to her gorgeous foals. When  Starr isn't busy being a mum, she is in the ribbons in the show ring and an all around easy mount. A breeding to the bay roan Dales stallion Envoy de Kingmaker (Ziggy) is set for this year for a 2020 foal. This match is sure to make an exquisite Dales pony foal!

Previous Foals: Sprucemeadow Ponyboy, Blackshadow Supernova

Uptown girl

Quarter Horse Mare

Foaled 2008- 15.2hh


Bentley was purchased as a weanling as a prospect for our daughter to train and eventually take into the show ring. This mare has gone beyond our expectations! Not only has she been in the ribbons in the show ring with her young rider, but she is also the go to mount for beginners and visitors. Bentley produced a stunning filly in 2017, our Dales pony cross Tesla. This mare is truly irreplaceable and deeply loved by the whole family. Bentley is currently in foal to Quarter horse stallion Silhouette in Armani and due August 2019.

Since this mare is most valuable (and fun!) as a riding partner, this will be her last summer being a mum.

Previous Foals: Blackshadow Tesla

Uptown in Armani

Violet email8.jpg


(Dartdale Peterboy x Sowermire Diane)

DPS Registered Section A Mare

Foaled June 2003 - 14.2hh

Sweet, sweet Violet has traveled to us all the way from out west, originally bred on the west coast. Her loving nature and temperament is truly what the Dales pony is all about and she passes this along to her offspring. In foal for what seemed to be an eternity, Violet just gave birth to a huge grey colt, sired by Rosebarr Gambler. We are overjoyed to have Violet here, and are eagerly looking forward to the future, with a breeding this summer for a 2020 foal.



Registered Section A gelding

Foaled May 2018

Sire:  Malhamdale Apocalypto

Dam: Canadale Prim 'n' Proper

Syros (appropriately named as the son of Apollo) is a big weanling with huge bone, long legs, and powerful hind end. His forward moving trot shows off his pronounced knee action, a distinctive feature of the Dales pony breed.

Extremely sweet natured like both his parents, Syros is willing and able and always by your side. Well handled for his age( handled by children)  he knows the basics and will continue all aspects of appropriate training as he matures. 

Syros is expected to mature close to 15hh, and therefore will be ideal for that person looking for a “big” riding pony. 

Syros will sell with his DPS passport, and a one year membership to the Dales Pony Society.

Violet email4.jpg


Just arrived! Gorgeous grey colt born May 31st, 2019…

More details to come…Percey will be available upon

weaning, deposit secures.



Silhouette in Armani x Uptown Girl

Meet Georgianna! We are so pleased with this filly, out

of our most treasured mare Bentley. Besides her

gorgeous buckskin coloring, and all of the chrome

that one could ask for… she is so sweet. Many more

pictures to follow….

Ponies for Sale

blackshadow tesla

Registered part bred Dales filly 

Currently 14hh

Foaled July 2017

Sire : Canadale Little Oak 

Dam : Uptown Girl (quarter horse)

2017 Part Bred Dales filly - Registered DPS

Tess has inherited the large bone and substance of the Dales pony, as well as the thick mane, ground sweeping tail, and feathers of the breed. She shows off her trot with that of the knee action of her Dales pony sire, but also resembles her QH dam in many ways - she will be a larger type sport pony. 

Tess is a quick study with a smart attitude, and is going to be quite impressive with any future endeavors. This coming two year old is well handled and knows the basics, appropriate for her age. 

Tess sells with her DPS passport and a one year membership to the Dales Pony Society.




The Dales pony is a descendant of the now extinct Galloway pony, who roamed the northern hills and moors of the British Isles.  Known as one of the United Kingdom's mountain and moorland breeds, the Dales pony is historically known as a working pony, as the Galloway was.  These native ponies were bred and used for lead mining, as they could cover the rough terrain of the Pennines with speed and stamina, all while balancing their pack load.  The Dales ponies were able to carry a pack load of over 200 pounds through the rough mountainous range quickly with an easy way of going and willingness to please. 

The second World War saw nearly the end of the Dales pony, as over 200 Dales were commissioned by the War Office.  The Dales packed artillery, soldiers, and pulled guns.  Because of their endurance and thriftiness, they were ideal for the war effort, sadly though, many did not survive and those that did survive did not return.  This led to the Dales becoming a very rare breed.  Thankfully though, due to diligent efforts of some breeders and farmers who were still using their Dales, the breed was able to continue. 

Deemed the "great all-rounder", the Dales Pony can truly do it all.  As a heavier draught type pony, they are able to carry the adult rider and are also most suitable as a child's mount.  As a breed that truly loves a job, the Dales are well suited for driving, hacking, jumping, eventing, and dressage to name a few.  The Dales pony exudes a safe and personable temperment all while maintaining their hardiness and willingness to work, which is the hallmark of the breed.